A new voice at Milliner & Associates

Oct 14, 2011 | Milliner & Associates | 0 comments

bullhorn(2)by Rich Milliner

Today is a monumental day for everyone here at Milliner & Associates – as one of my employees kindly put it regarding our company’s first blog, “We’re finally unplugging our answering machine and switching over to voicemail!” So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to take this opportunity to give everyone the ‘Who’s, Why’s, What’s and How’s’ of what we plan to do with this new voice of ours.

My name is Rich Milliner and I own an Indianapolis based specialized staffing firm that focuses on the placement of Accounting, Finance, Administrative and Human Resource professionals. I’ve had 3 jobs since graduating from college in 1995 – one in Public Accounting and the other two have been in the industry I’m in today. Along the way, I’ve had several great accomplishments…none more important than marrying Jennifer (my High School Sweetheart) and the birth of our two beautiful children Olivia and Connor. The next is to be fortunate enough to surround myself with the most talented people in the industry – our company’s staff. They are the reason our firm has continued to grow since the doors opened back in 2007. I know…2007, what a fantastic time in our economy’s history to start a business! Without compromise or wavering commitment, our staff has taken the same dedicated approach day-after-day to building solid working relationships and providing unparalleled service that would make any organization proud. I encourage you to reach out to these amazing professionals yourself and be on the lookout for their upcoming posts!

Why post blogs? It’s simple. We enjoy speaking to issues that are important to us as People, Professionals & Citizens as much as the next person. But, want we really want to do is engage and inform other like minded individuals while delivering a small business point of view.

What I can promise you is that we won’t waste your time with useless posts. Your time and energy is as important as ours and we plan on discussing meaningful topics and events – maybe even a couple that will make you smile.

Finally, we want to hear back from you! Your opinions are very important and greatly appreciated. So even if you don’t agree with us…please leave a comment, shoot us an email or even pick up the phone and let us know your thoughts. Our firm was built on open and honest communication and we certainly intend on continuing on this path in Social Media. Talk to you soon!