Our Approach

You are more than just your resume, your degree, or your work history. In addition to all this, you are a distinct individual with your own goals, personality, and circumstances. We understand that job placement is not like filling a hole, where one size fits all, but rather like placing a piece in a puzzle, where the right fit is essential.

Focused on Your Career Aspirations

We begin with understanding your career objectives, learning about the job you are looking for today but also about what you see yourself doing in the future.  We partner with you to help you identify your professional goals and then work with you to achieve them.  As an accessible and consultative partner, we will guide you through the process of seeking satisfying employment.  We provide trusted, candid, and discrete career placement services to every one of our candidates by truly listening and responding to your needs.

Accommodating Your Needs

We understand that switching jobs can have a major effect on your life and your family.  Everything we do reflects our insight into the executive recruiting process and the critical importance of each placement. We are interested in more than just one placement. We are interested in your career of progressive success. You can expect to be treated with professional courtesy and discretion at every point in our relationship with you.

Equipped with the Resources to Deliver

Not only do we have the desire to see you placed in the right position for you, but we also have the tools to make that happen.  We possess a network of exclusive company contacts, sophisticated technology, and a deep industry knowledge that separates us from other employment staffing agencies. We are committed to a continuous, constructive dialogue as we partner with you to maximize your opportunities and keep your career moving in the right direction.

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Our testimonials

“Everyone I dealt with was highly professional and very personable at the same time. Throughout my search for a permanent position, I felt that the staff were like friends and that I could voice exactly what I was looking for and know that those interests were truly understood.”

Milliner Candidate

“It was very easy from our standpoint — many highly qualified candidates were presented. The most difficult thing was choosing who the best one was among the excellent group that were interviewed.”

Milliner Client

“My recruiter did a great job of matching opportunities to my career experience. After the first interview with one of their clients, I felt like Milliner & Associates had found the perfect job for me.”

Milliner Candidate