Can you write me your “Powergraph?”

Oct 21, 2011 | Professional Development | 0 comments

confidence_2by Rich Milliner

This is probably one of the simplest questions we ask to gather vital information from the candidates we assist. Surprisingly though, it can be one of the most difficult for them to answer.

For the purpose of this blog and for a little insight into the vernacular we use in our firm…a “Powergraph” is a powerful written statement that helps explain your professional strengths as it relates to your background. Straightforward enough, right? It’s actually a fun little exercise and once committed to memory it can be easily used in conversation or even plugged into a cover letter. Think of it as creating your own personal advertisement to be used when selling yourself against other applicants (a.k.a. your competition).

I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve heard…”I’m not really good at promoting my skills” or “I have a tough time selling myself to others.” It’s true, not everyone is a professionally trained salesperson…but what the top salespeople, in any industry, do is believe in their product/service, master overcoming objections and follow a proven sales process. If you are in the process of a job search and the major objection facing you is “What makes you stand out from the pack?” Then penciling down your Powergraph should be the first step!

Here are a few examples of what you can include:

  • Passion, Innovation and Drive go a long way here. Don’t curb your enthusiasm!
  • Put yourself in the shoes of an employer and ask yourself, “Tell me something that’s not on your resume that make you the ideal candidate.”
  • Describe an experience that helped shape your professional career.
  • Explain how you’ve created more opportunity, streamlined a process and grew in a position.
  • Speak to the details of your experience, but more importantly explain how they can add value to the next company.

The most important component of your Powergraph should express the confidence you have in your abilities. Keep in mind that landing an interview is secondary…your job now is to sell yourself and continue in the next step of the process. Hopefully, knowing your own Powergraph will help you in doing so.