My involvement with Passport to Employment!

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As a Recruiting Manager in the “Staffing” Industry for 5 plus years in our very big, yet very small city of Indianapolis, I have had the privilege of supporting the career search efforts of a number of professionals while providing service to area businesses. In order to effectively do my job of fulfilling the talent needs of my client business partners, it is a must to be connected to area professionals. Utilization of various job boards, attendance to career fairs, networking, referral programs, social media tools, and connections to area university career services teams all support our efforts to be truly tapped in to the talent in our community.

Early in my career with Milliner & Associates, I very intentionally asked each prospective candidate who I met what tools they were utilizing for their career search. My curiosity of knowing where professionals were turning for resources, support and opportunity introduced me to a volunteer ministry by the name of “Passport to Employment”. Passport to Employment is comprised of a team of resources who compassionately give of their time to offer:

• Career support and crisis counseling
• Help with identifying talents, skills and strengths to find employment
• Help with building resumes, cover letters, network systems, interview techniques, etc.
• Group coaching and one-on-one assistance available
• Financial management assistance
• Special speakers, including representatives from employment agencies and recruiting firms

It has truly been an honor to me that I was immediately welcomed to partner with this group of amazing individuals who give of themselves to support our community. I have been invited to speak at weekly meetings and accountability small groups, had the privilege of participating in a ‘recruiter panel’ Q&A session and connected members of the group with ‘bridge’ temporary opportunities and long term career placements. Involvement with this group has been personally rewarding, but also contributed to my success as a recruiter.

This week, Passport to Employment celebrated the 10th anniversary of service. Founder and Director, Earle Hart, facilitated the meeting and offered a walk down the 10 year memory lane. Passport to Employment has received a number of recognitions and accolades over the years, including Earle’s Community Hero of the Month well deserved honor in 2015.

The knowledgeable and compassionate guidance and support that is offered by this team of volunteers is truly an inspiration. Congratulations to all involved in Passport to Employment on 10 years of service and the overwhelming number of lives that your commitment has favorably impacted. I am so grateful to have found this group and offer a very small contribution of support to the tremendous impact that is being made every day.

For anyone interested in more information on Passport to Employment, please visit:

(You won’t be sorry for any time spent with this truly amazing ministry of service!)

— Jenea