Contract Employment

Contract Employment

There are a variety of reasons that candidates may seek contract employment (sometimes referred to as temporary employment).  At the same time, there are also a number of reasons that employers seek to fill contract positions.  Milliner & Associates works with both candidates and employers to fill contract positions to the benefit of both parties.

Contract-to-Hire Employment

Sometimes employers wish to fill a contract position but leave open the possibility that the position could at some point become full-time employment.  This is known as a contract-to-hire position.  Milliner & Associates has years of experience and a network of resources which makes it simple for us to find qualified candidates for these types of positions.

Not a Traditional Temp Agency

Milliner & Associates operates differently than a so-called temp agency.  While temp agencies merely place candidates in positions, Milliner & Associates takes a much more holistic approach.  We treat our contract employees as a part of our organization, giving them the benefits and security that accompany full-time employment.  These employees are not just a name, a number, or a resume to us.  We know them well and work hard to place them in those contract positions that are a good fit with their skills, abilities, and experience.

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